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Code Enforcement League of Arizona
Committed to the Advancement of the Code Enforcement Profession
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Welcome to CELA!


    It has been an honor to serve as the President of your professional organization this year. I would like to take a moment to share some of the successes CELA has had so far.  This year, the organization decided to sign a Pass-Through Membership Agreement with the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE).  With that partnership and beginning July 1
st, 2018, CELA dues have increased from $35 to $50 per year. CELA members will automatically become AACE members and enjoy those full benefits. Your organization will see a savings if they currently pay for your CELA and AACE memberships. With the new partnership, CELA will have access to AACE speakers and instructors that teach at their conferences to teach at CELA conferences.  On a different note, CELA held a Level II Academy in May in Avondale, AZ and would like to congratulate the graduates! 

    CELA has scheduled a two-day training for our Code Enforcement Officers, to be held this August, in Avondale, AZ. As CELA is moving forward, in making sure we provide our membership with the best benefits possible, we wanted to let our members know that all classes in the two-day training will be ICC Certified for CEU’s.  CELA is almost done with coordinating the event. Here is a sneak peek of the classes to offered: leadership training, interior inspection training, information on Abatement Foreclosure Program and sober living housing ordinance information.  These classes were prepared based on information and requests that we received from our membership.  With that said, I would highly recommend that our members send any training recommendations to anyone of the board members. The next tentatively conference is scheduled for February 2019 and planning has started. As your professional organization, CELA’s goal is provide our members the training that they need and request. 

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on the Board of Directors that have graciously volunteered their time to make sure that the trainings and the operations of this professional organization are running smoothly.  The board members are 1
st Vice-President Lupe Laborin-Romero (City of Goodyear), 2nd Vice-President Gail Bosgieter, (City of Goodyear), 3rd Vice President Gregory Arrington (Town of Youngtown), Past President Stephen Erno (City of Chandler), Secretary Frank Alvino (Town of Gilbert) and Treasurer Martha Ortiz (City of Avondale).  They have been instrumental in assisting with the operations of this organization and in coordinating the trainings.  Also, I would like to give a special thank you to Darcy Kober, City of Phoenix for her assistance in upcoming two-day training and preparation of Level I Academy. Finally, a special thank you to Mitch Hammes, City of Colorado Springs and AACE Board Member for his participation in the CELA two-day training.  I am proud to be working alongside these extremely talented professionals!

    As a reminder, in addition to their regular job duties, each of the board members volunteer their time to CELA. We are always seeking for additional help.  As dedicated as your board members are, we cannot do it alone.  I encourage and challenge each of our members to get involved with CELA by serving on the board, joining a committee, or by simply contacting any board member with your comments or suggestions.

I appreciate your continued support of the organization and look forward to seeing you at the upcoming training opportunities!


Victor Martinez, President
Code Enforcement League of Arizona